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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Test Drive - 2012 Jaguar XKR-S

There is no shortage of performance of the Jaguar line. With the sedan XFR, XKR and XJ Super two-door Sport Sedan, a British car maker has a 510-hp supercharged trio of beasts that are much more competent on the track. But what the Jaguars do not have the performance of the stamp. A sub-R is small compared to the emotional weight of the BMW M, Mercedes-Benz AMG and Audi RS brands. Enter the XKR-S. This is the fastest production Jaguar ever stirred and 550 hp for a price of $ 132 875. If this does not get your attention, just take a look at the sports car in stylish polished French racing blue glossy paint.We already knew that the XKR is a torque monster, it is not surprising that the XKR-S produces a thrust stupid before the pedal is not even half way. Accelerator pedal to satisfy the means to answer a short sprint is a three-digit speeds are always waiting for the command. Jaguar claims mph 60 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 186 mph is a story of the XKR-S the fastest production car of the brand.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Jaguar XJ XJ8 4.2 V8 LWB Supercharged Specification

Engine type    : MULTI POINT F / inj
Fuel System   : PREMIUM Unleaded Petrol
Fuel               : Gasoline

Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 Premium Luxury Specification

Engine Type         : 3.0 liter V6
Fuel                     : Gasoline
Tank Capacity     : 64 liters

Jaguar X-Type 2.0 V6 SE Specification

Engine Type      : 2.0 liter diesel, 4 Cylinders,
Fuel                  : Diesel
Front Brakes    : Ventilated Disc

Jaguar XK XK 4.2 V8 Coupe Specification

Engine Type     : V8
Fuel System     : Injection
Fuel                 : Gasoline