Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to Care For Power Steering

 Power Steering part in the steering wheel which uses hydraulic power to help us alleviate the wheel of time moving the steering wheel, power steering the car became easier to ride, because of the heavy burden of a round steering will be helped by the performance of the power steering so that the burden of round wheel becomes lighter.

Comparison between the cars already use the power steering with yet using power steering will be felt at all, this can we try when we tried to drive a car that has not used the power steering will feel heavier controls the rotation wheel if we compare it with a car that is already using the power steering certainly is more lightweight and comfortable.

Damage usually occurs in the power steering is power steering weight and leaking, if it is found to damage lebihbaik not to buy the power steering components scars although cheaper, because the way the power steering will not be maximized, and this will only make the cost will be greater in future.

Below are some tips to minimize damage to the power steering:

   - Try not to rotate or move the steering wheel when the car engine is turned off.
   - When will deflect the car, keep the car in the condition of the road or moving, in order to reduce the burden stir round.
   - Do not be too often bend the steer get stuck / broken for too long, because if too long will create pressure on the stronger power steering seals, resulting in fast seals broken / leaking.
   - Use Power Steering original oil (type ATF) at the time of the addition or replacement.
   - Choosing original spare parts when disservice, avoid spearpart KW.
   - We recommend at every washing a vehicle, note the protective rubber (boot steer) right and left, whether loose, tear or other damage occurred, in case of minor damage immediately repair or replace a new one.
   - Always park the vehicle with the position of the front wheels straight.
   - Use of tires with low friction levels to keep the seal of the pressure that can cause damage.

It felt power steering is a part of the car that has become essential to be met by all types of cars in today, it is intended to provide a sense of comfort to the driver, but if there is damage to the power steering will also make us confused, but difficulty in driving a car will also cause a new financial problem for us, because spearpart replacement is also not cheap, typically for power steering Toyota original set range from two to four million, for this type of car Mitsubishi will certainly be more expensive. Therefore, we should keep the power steering us from any possible damage.

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