Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Equipment For Washing Tips When You Save Your Car

So, you want to wash the car, but want to do it "right." Noting that the old suede or may not be the only things you need to change. Here we look to find a balance between what the professionals can afford, and what equipment should be a good idea to use at home.

Car Wash Equipment:

1 x pressure washer is strongly recommended but not necessary if you are interested in a car wash. These allow debris washed from the vehicle effectively under pressure before hand washing. The machines can be water "cold" pressurization at the same temperature as the intake, or "hot", where it is heated the water inside the machine before the pressure of the boiler. How to wash the dishes at home a little 'wamth of water not only makes cleaning more efficient work which makes it more pleasant to do. Washers can heat the hot water at more than 100 degC, however, it is recommended that 45 degC is a good, safe temperature. This is hot enough to soften the dirt and remove all debris wamer safley of this, and there is a risk of damage to paint his pride and joy. You have been warned! The price of a cold is relatively cheap at 100-500, and hot-plates are usually 1000-2000.

2 x lambswool wash mitts. A typical yellow sponge can trap dirt and gravel between the varnish and mushrooms, scrape the paint in the process. We use and recommend using a lambswool washcloth. These allow dirt particles to be drawn deep into the pile away from painted surfaces are washed. Since this is not matted wool, dirt washes off easily Mitt. The thick stack has a tremendous amount of soapy water to lubricate and protect the paint of potential vorticity. Used with any car wash high lubricity, genuine lambswool Wash Mitt provides a safe, gentle wash on any vehicle. A product that we use on a daily basis. They can come in all different types of materials from cotton and synthetic blends for lamb's wool and beyond. We recommend lambswool. We recommend that you use two mitts, Purley for the upper body and the second only to the tasks really dirty / gritty as the thresholds and lower parts of the vehicle.

2 x right size, buckets of depth. Foam washing and one for rinsing. Rinse washcloth in the second "flush" bucket remove any abrasive particles that have been drawn into the depths of your stack of washcloths, rather than just shoot all your car - try it and you'll be surprised the difference water color of the two buckets at the end! Transparent trays are the best, so that any dirt can be easily seen in the bucket for rinsing. Grit guards are for real connoisseur, where "mask" a specialist can be inserted into the bottom of two containers to allow any dirt from falling into a confused Department, which prevents it was withdrawn Wash Mitt.

2 Wheel brushes x (1 x large, 1 small). Most cars today have alloy wheels make the car look great when clean. They can provide a slight discomfort when removing brake dust, but not impossible. Two brushes of good quality wheel sizes are achieved good results, both in the main face and a little thinner type between the spokes and the rear wheel. Do not be tempted to use your wash mitt on wheels, unless you buy a dedicated server for use only on wheels. My approach is recommended to use four brushes to get the best reults they all have their uniqueness in size, shape and softness depending on the type of wheel you are working.

1 x good quality towel drying. Drying after washing your car will leave a stain and finish beautifully flawless. Bunch of ultra soft and deep, are much more absorbent than traditional leather, capable of absorbing many times its own weight in water. Ultra-soft fibers significantly reduce the risk of causing scratching the surface in a dry towel is removed through painted surfaces, which allows all the particles out of the surface safely in the towel. Towel drying of generous size allows it to dry most of the cars without having to squeeze out even once. They are machine washable and safe for use again.


"Shampoo" A quality car wash is best for painting. Do not be tempted to use household detergents bands will be how are you any protective coating of paint and leaves the body unprotected. The good brands of products sold car shampoo and conditioner, which is the car with a simple shampoo rinse. They are safe for use in the body, cleaning of surfaces without wax gentley exhaustion or paint sealant.

Cleaning alloy wheels. If you regularly wash your car alloy wheels separately cleaner can prevent dirt from the wheels can safely wash a car with shampoo. However, if the wheels were for some time between cleanings, it may be time to invest in good quality, special wheel clean. They are better suited to remove baked on brake dust from car shampoo. The cleaning of the wheel contain stronger acid, and although these do a great job of cleaning the wheels, as you can imagine, there will be "good" for the wheels in the long run. If you decide to use a wheel of a type not more acid to be respectful of the suface of its wheels. Always read the label to make sure that the product can be used with the type of wheel.


All tools and products described above, must be performed by a storage company car on a daily basis. So many people just do not spend enough time or money to put the right tools for the job and believe in a bucket, sponge and chamois is all it takes. So yes you can wash your car with this work, it will be hard, not half as entertaining and most important is not "good" for your car.

A storage company car should be washed thoroughly and dry all cars entering the fleet. This should ensure that all contaminants were removed from the vehicle during the washing process and also gives us an opportunity to inspect the condition of the vehicle in order.

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