Monday, June 13, 2011

2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder Specification

Engine Type : 10 cylinders V90°, DOHC 4 valves, common-pin crankshaft
Wheelbase : 100.7 in
Brakes System : Power vacuum, aluminium alloy callipers 6 cylinder front callipers and 4 cylinder rear callipers

Front Wheels : Aluminium alloy, 8.5″ x 19”
Rear Wheels : Alluminium alloy, 11” x 19”
Front Tires : Pirelli Pzero 235/35 ZR 19
Rear Tires : Pirelli Pzero 295/30 ZR 19
Car Layout : Mid-Engine, AWD
Transmission System : 6 Speed + reverse, an optional robotized sequential e.gear system with actuation by paddles on the steering column
Differential : Viscous Traction Coupling System, Front and Rear Differentials
Compression Ratio : 12.5:1
Displacement : 5.2 liter
Maximum Power : 560 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Maximum Torque : 398 lb-ft. @ 6500 rpm
Body Length : 171 in
Body Width : 74.8 in
Body Height : 46.6 in
Curb Weight : 3417.2 lbs.
Acceleration : 4.0 sec(0-100 km/h)
Top Speed : 324 Km/h (201 mph)
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