Tuesday, May 10, 2011

VolksWagen Beetle Pinky Hello Kitty

Use a pretty soft pink color along with additional full-cutting is motivated by "Hello Kitty" in some parts of his body makes this car look more cute, it's no wonder that many visitors and other participants in the event the Clas Mild Accelera Auto Contest yesterday scrambling to take photos even more also who do a photo together with the cute Beetle.

The execution early was none other than sector body, which is the color green color of the original Beetle deposed and replaced with Pink. Headlamp front pinned with eagle eyes "look that is believed to enhance the effect eleganya, besides fog lamp and also lamp has been in the custom stopnya reworked by Autovision. "It can not be too much to be changed, given the variety of goods own Beetle nyarinya very difficult," said Evan ... therefore the final stage in the complete body of work by providing cutting animated hello kitty that has been proven many gilai women. 

Sector of the legs, pinned Evan rim 18 "BBS output neatly wrapped with tire output and terkolaborasikan suspension Accelera Working Tien Auto Concept. So other than cute, this car still has the elegant side in accordance with the concept of Evan, Elegant Hello Kitty.

Done with looks, it turns out Evan also helped remodel interior view. In order to maintain the concept of hello kitty, then starting from the seat and door trim are all part paired kity hello variation of DAD. Not only that, dashboard, the speedometer panel, indicators, shift knob, pedal set and the curtain to take the variation DAD, to the side of the wheel yet again hello kitty that dipejengkan by Evan. All interior affairs he handed over to the home modifications Concept Auto Surabaya. 

Turning to the entertainment side, it is natural for young people who have hobbies are party-party audio and car to pair devices other entertainment as a means of entertainment or just hang out when his friend driving. Therefore, the head unit Casha K 130 along the front speakers, rear until the middle of using the product output kabinya Domination in sarangkan into this. Even the silencer, the speaker cable and also helped bring booksnya Domination. On the rear cabin there are capacitor bank DAD, along with 10 monitors 5 "and 4 units of output Sheleton Sheleton dibagain front headrest.

 Article Source : www.bosmobil.com

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